Wednesday, March 28, 2012

From Pen Sketch to Painting

Working today on expanding The Enchanted Letter Workshop. I am adding more content to Fairy Tale Foliates! Today's work was interesting. I worked on Somerset Satin Print Making paper as well as Arches Hot Press Paper. Rather than the usual suspects, I used Old World Iron Gall ink for the sketch work. Usually I wait a few hours before painting the foliates if I am using any ink other than McCaffery Brown. But I was impatient and painted as soon as the ink was dry. There was a lot of bleeding with the Old World Ink on both the Somerset Paper and the Arches. It does dry to a waterproof state but patience is the key. I wasn't unhappy with the work. I kept the wash very light and it almost had a Victorian Chromolithograph feel to it. These foliates are unplanned and sketched out very lightly with pencil before inking them in. The result is more flowing than a pre-planned design.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring ABC's

First day of spring forward time! Makes me realize that winter is over and I will be back in full swing with a busy teaching schedule. I am putting together a new portfolio of Enchanted Letter designs as well as Artful Flourishes. I will keep you posted! This 5"x7" piece is done on John Neal's new diploma parchment. I love the colour and it takes the Finetec gold beautifully. It held up to three washes of watercolour in the ribbon script. All the usual suspects used in this piece, watercolour,23K gold leaf, Finetec Gold, Diane Townsend Pastels.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Breaking out of the Box

I have been working on this studio piece for a few weeks. I wanted to combine offhand flourishing, Enchanted Letters, Gilding, Persian illumination and even Sickles lettering to my engrossed piece. It is the largest piece I have done so far. It is 16"x20" on Arches Hot Press paper. Flat gilded with 23 K gold. I did a rough design and then transferred my rough to the Arches paper. I initially did the ink work with McCaffery brown but found that it just looked too washed out. So I re did the piece with Old World Iron Gall ink. I had to give it more drying time than I usually do with the McCaffery brown but I found that I liked the Victorian line and wash technique with the Old World ink. It looks a bit sharper. I learned a lot on this piece! Now I am shopping for a frame!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Familiar Friends

Coming home from my walk today I couldn't help but notice the sounds of birds again! Hoping that Spring will be here soon. I know I am rushing the season, but I felt inspired to do a couple of little spring flourishes. My familiar tools of Arches Text wove, Diane Townsend Pastels, my favourite Snakewooke pen holder ( made by my dear husband, coloured pencils and a pot of homemade walnut ink. It was a peaceful afternoon spent quietly in the studio.