Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Watcher in the Woods

Part Three of my Enchanted Meadow Series.
I don't know how many pieces will be included in the series but I have so many ideas bubbling in my head. These are such a joy to create. They are the result of indulgent time when I put aside other more pressing duties and take time to create for the pure joy of pursing a project from start to completion. They are usually designed and painted in one session. I draw the image and design the foliate work. I usually scan that design and then reduce it slightly. Gilding and painting this piece took about 3 hours after it was penciled on to the vellum. This piece is 4" x 1 1/2" on calfskin vellum. Flat gilded with 23 K gold leaf. I used layers of watercolour to build up the depth of colours. I aded some highlights with bleedproof white. I used a 5/0 Escoda sable brush for the fine details.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Milwaukee Memories

What a treat to attend another Iamepth conference. It was an absolute pleasure to be asked to design the logo this year. It was a design challenge, but using the theme of hops and barley, researching beer ephemera from the Milwaukee area and studying vintage beer ads, I finally came up with a design I was happy with. To see the design printed on bags, aprons and paper products was a tremendous treat for me!
Milwaukee was filled with magical moments for me. There were ornamental touches throughout the hotel and in the buildings I visited. An early morning trip to the Public Library was very inspiring. When I entered the main room of the library I noticed this beautiful ornamentation on the door. Looks like it belongs in the Ministry of Magic.(apologies to Muggles)
Teaching this year was an absolute delight. There were many first time attendees there as well as artists of different disciplines. I ended my presentation with this quote by Michelangelo that I put into the silent auction. The piece is done on diploma parchment and is 6"x 4". It was gilded with 23 K gold. A radical departure from my usual pink default setting! It was coloured using my Victorian line and wash technique with Staedtler Aquarelle pencils. I had to take a trip to the Pastel Studio to get some earth tone pastels to accent the colour choices. One new surprise element in this design is Ziller Ink Buffalo Brown instead of McCaffery Brown. I wanted to give the Buffalo Brown a try and see what the results were like. The lines are less delicate. Hairlines slightly bigger than with the McCaffery but the result is slightly brighter. McCaffery Brown is still my favourite, but nice to know that the Ziller Brown will work too and give a slightly different effect. Happy creating this week!