Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Spencerian Heritage

I have been practicing Spencerian Script for 9 years now and can finally see progress!
Of all the script hands that I have attempted, Spencerian is the most tricky with it's call for a delicate touch, whisper hairlines and contoured shades. It never gets dull or boring as I try new line endings and flourishes to incorporate into the script. I don't think I can ever exhaust this hand. On August 24th, I traveled to Geneva, Ohio for the dedication of the Platt Rogers Spencer monument.
The monument is the first in the United States that is dedicated to the legacy of American Penmanship.
I was honoured to be asked to do the flourishes on the Patron Donors plaque by my friend and designer of the Monument, Michael Sull.
What a joy to be included in the Heritage of Spencerian Script.
I am so thankful for the elegant, ornamental script created by Platt Rogers Spencer and still love it's beauty and delicacy as I strive to master the letterforms.