Monday, February 11, 2013

Labours of Love: Snow Day Project

This year, I am trying to branch out and expand my skills. I love working on illuminated letters and illuminated borders but have not done a lot of work combining the illuminated elements with lettering. I am much more comfortable with the pointed pen than the broad edge pen, but I am using some German Text exemplars from the Business Educator Publications as well as exemplars from W.E. Dennis' Studies in Pen Art. My Leuchtturm Journal is never far out of reach and I have been working on sketches of acanthus leaves to incorporate in my border designs. My two sources of inspiration for Acanthus designs are The Guide to Drawing the Acanthus Leaf by James Page and the work of Illustrator Alberto Sangorski.
This piece was done on a 9"x12" sheet of diploma parchement with Watercolour, Gouache and 23 K gold leaf. After the edge pen lettering was done, my border design was transferred to the diploma parchemnt. I used Rolco gold size for the flat gilding.
I did a base coat of the entire border design in very pale applications of the greens, blues, reds and purples.
Once the base coat was dry, I built up the colours in several layers of watercolour. The filigree work was the last step to be completed and is done with a 000 sable brush and Burnt Umber Winsor Newton Watercolour. It was my first attempt at this style of design but it has capitivated my interest.
I have another one in the planning stages now. While the snow was piling up outside and there were no distractions to keep me from my studio, I enjoyed my day of solitude with watercolour and gold leaf.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Reynard the Fox: Enchanted Meadow series

Still finding time to work on my Enchanted Meadow series. Reynard was created as a gift for my sister. I enjoy designing the acanthus scroll work around a little meadow animal.
The design is done on Fabriano Hot Press paper with watercolour, gouache and 24 K gold leaf. While searching for folklore surrounding the Fox, I came across an incredible book online called Reineke Fuchs. The illustrations are so whimsical! I loved looking at the book online. Enjoy!!