Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Rhythm of Writing

Since November of 2012, I have been teaching handwriting classes at a local stationery store. It has been an absolute pleasure to deliver the classes and meet so many wonderful people. I have met people who have made handwriting part of their daily rhythm. The class has been delivered in three levels as well as an introductory course for children. Since November, I have been diligently searching out articles online and reading books about handwriting, the neuroplacity of the brain, the digital age and its effect on our minds, etc. The digital age is real and demanding and definitely here to stay. But the more I study the effects of our fast paced lives and digital demands, the more I am convinced that the simple practice of handwriting can bring calm into our lives, restore a peaceful state of mind, help restore focus and a multitude of other benefits.It has not exactly been my Walden experience, but the mindful practice of writing has definitely brought a lot of peace and calm to me over the past few months. I share this with the hope that you will include the act of handwriting in some small way into your daily rhythm. In my level one class, their challenge is to write and mail and note to anyone they choose within one week of the class.
In level two, one of their challenges has been to keep a handwritten daily to-do list. And in level three, their challenge was "Not a day without a line", which was a quote I came across in a Victorian handwriting manual. It encouraged a one line a day diary. I hope you will try at least one of the challenges to incorporate the rhythm of writing in your lives. With gratitude to Mano and Baldeep at Phidon Pens for having the vision for the handwriting classes, my wonderful students and to Platt Rogers Spencer, the hero of the story.