Sunday, May 29, 2016

Gratitude in May

Where has this month gone? Seems like I am full swing with teaching workshops and finishing final touches on my Enchanted Meadow Workshop which launches in August! So happy to be able to present that course and share the techniques that I have been honing for years. I created this little blue bird miniature
as part of the notes for the class. Lots of dry and moist brush techniques on him and happy to add him to my Enchanted Meadow series. The process of painting him was as peaceful and meditative as any time I spend flourishing with my pen. I will happily send him out as a note card of encouragement to anyone who feels they need a note from a friend. Now and then I get overwhelmed with the emails in my inbox. So many people in pain and struggling to find peace through mindful practice with the pen. If a little note will brighten your day, I am happy to send one your way! I am so grateful to those who read this blog, or follow me on instagram or Facebook. Now and then I even get a surprise in the mail! This week a lovely package arrived of gorgeous antique laces and linens! A beautiful and welcome surprise! Thank you dear Pat for thinking of me!
As May draws to a close, I want to be grateful for the blessings of friendships, peaceful creativity and the joy of sharing what I love with others.

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