Monday, October 10, 2016

The Light Changes

Canadian Thanksgiving always brings changes. Store displays are very differnt. Full of bright orange pumpkins, scarecrows and Ontario's harvest. Flavours change to darker, richer, and more robust than the lighter fare of summer. Sounds change in the garden. There are different birds at the feeders, their chirps filling the air differently than in spring and summer. And light changes. Mornings bring a different type of light to the garden.
It is somehow brighter and more precious.
It hits the plants at different angles somehow and casts a different shadow on other plants.
I can't explain it. The green in the trees is starting to change to multiple colors and looks so different against the blue sky. My thoughts change to embrace the pace that fall brings. I don't exactly resist the fall changes but it is always an adjustment for me. In the studio, things change seasonally as well. My subjects are influenced by the sights and sounds around me. My work table gets filled with acorns, chestnuts, crabapples, coloured leaves and even twigs.
I appreciate them and watch them change even further as they start to fade. Notes that I mail to friends are more autumnal in their flourishes.
I am always more reflective this time of year but slightly unsettled and somewhat distracted. I think it is just the transient nature of this season. I have to be more regimented about keeping lists in my daily planner to stay on task. I always feel as if I am in state of half acceptance and half resistance as the days become so much cooler. The most important strategy I have in the studio is to completely clean up my work table betwen tasks. If I fail to clean my desk, put my tools away neatly and keep a tidy area, I will procrastinate in starting my next task. I tend to have lots of accumulated paper in the studio as practice papers pile up. I have to clear those out of my path and my mind to be able to work on the next project. Funny how seasons so easily affect my routines! But there is a deep beauty in this season that needs to be appreciated. As am artist, I cannot help but be influenced by these sights, sounds and colours. This year, my botanical studies take up a lot of time in my mind and in my studio.
I bought a goat skin to work on a larger piece as well as many vellum scraps to practice with.
Looking foward to the lessons they will teach me. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! Happy October.

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